Mechanic Pet Dragon

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Mechanic Pet Dragon157

Skissar lite i väntan på att höstterminen ska sätta igång.


Hittade Mitt Gamla Skolfoto Från Nian

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Comics and Stuff at Kulturhuset

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This picture is just an excuse to make this new post. I’d like to recommend you all to go to Stockholm 15/11. Serietekt has arranged a fanzine market to celebrate its 15th birthday, an age that finally allows it to drive a scooter. I will be there to celebrate mate 24th birthday. Come and join the celebration. There will be lots of awesome comics etc…

Kalle On Fire

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This picture has quite a strange story behind it. As I was sitting in my studio drawing I suddenly felt the smell of smoke. The windows were open so I first thought the smoke came from somewhere outside. But pretty soon I realized that the smell was more intense inside than outside. I went out into the kitchen, that was by now filled with smoke, looking for the fire. Finally I found the fire on the outside of the house, and before the firemen got there I had already killed the fire. Someone had kicked a hole in the wall and thrown in a bottle of  lighter fluid, wrapped in paper that they had set on fire.

Later, when the cops investigate the crimescene I went in and looked at what I had been drawing. It was scary to see this prophetic picture. For those of you who do not know me, I look sort of simular to that guy on the picture.

The fire was labeled arson, but the police didn’t feel like following it up.


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The Witch Doctor

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The Troubadour

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