Cardinal Oxenheart

June 22, 2016 § Leave a comment

Holger HogskinOxenheart was once an exalted statesman and served as lord high chancellor during the reign of the previous emperor Immaculus Maximus. When the emperor tragically died from ingesting a poisoned oyster, Oxenheart was quick to seize power by declaring himself leader of the interim regency council that would govern the universe until empress Napoleia came of age. Oxenheart’s plan was of course never to let the little heiress live to see her own coronation but she proved hard to get rid of. Napoleia miraculously survived one assassination attempt after the other and when she eventually ascended to the throne, Oxenheart realized his prospects were bleak and decided to go into exile. He has ever since been compelled to seek refuge on various remote and inhospitable places such as the blizzard ravaged planet Nunatak where he got acquainted with his mount and minion, the mammoth Yawper. From his exile, Oxenheart made attempts to coordinate an alliance amongst the rebelling forces in order to overthrow the empire and restore his former power. Unfortunately for Oxenheart, the rebel’s general staff turned out to be brimming with infiltrators who helped the imperial police track him down and arrest him.

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