Priscilla Peril

June 13, 2016 § Leave a comment

Priscilla PerilThe Hauteurions of Caimanus was once a proud and powerful civilization whose culture greatly influenced inhabitants of the neighboring planets. But over time they grew increasingly priggish and decadent. This aroused the wrath of their gods who felt that they hadn’t gotten the proper appreciation for their efforts in a long time. The Gods eventually forsook the Hauteurions, causing their civilization to enter a path of decline into insignificance.

In order to appease their gods and restore their former splendor the Hauteurions embarked on a voyage throughout space to erect pyramidal buildings on the planets that they came across where their gods could be worshipped.

The Hauteurions left their toughest warrior Priscilla Peril and her cyclopodile Sawjaw on Caimanus to guard the remnants of their civilization. But Peril’s renowned toughness attracted the attention of empress Napoleia who wanted her for the Intergalactic gladiatorial race. Now Peril needs to win the games and return to Caimanus so that her people won’t be let down.


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