Sergeant Amberhammer

June 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

Colonel AmberhammerSergeant Amberhammer was born on the battlefield during the siege of Rubblerock Fortress at the peak of the Qu’Ronical war. His only toys as a child were the dud grenades that lay strewn around. At the age of nine he enlisted in the imperial army where he became part of the assault squad of the 43rd armadillo-cavalry battalion positioned on Marsares.

Over the years the occasional periods of peace made Sergeant Amberhammer restless. This induced him to work extra as a mercenary soldier, offering his services for various rebellious groups that the imperial army fought to squelch. When the lieutenant colonel of the battalion received word about this, Sergeant Amberhammer was immediately court marshaled, convicted for high treason, and sentenced to capital punishment. The penalty was later converted into forced participation in The Intergalactic Gladiatorial Race. This suited Sergeant Amberhammer perfectly, he had already sent in a contestant application for him and his armadillo Stahlhelmer.


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