Jonkvrouw Joan

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Junkvrouw JoanJonkrouw Joan, lord of the Great Gangrene Manor, belongs to the proud van Steinboch clan. Her great-great-great-great grandmother was knighted for her chivalrous bravery during the wars against the Arachnidions. Ever since then the van Steinbochs’ had been exempt from taxation, and they had in return pledged their perpetual and unrestricted allegiance to the cause of the empire. Lately, protracted wars against the numerous rebellious fractions had eroded the imperial finances. To address this problem, empress Napoleia withdrew all promises of tax exemption for the noble class. This in turn led Jonkvrouw Joan to revise her interpretation of the concept of hereditary perpetual allegiance, leading her to accede to the rebellious forces.

Numerous were the battles in which Jonkvrouw Joan triumphantly led her troops to victory, but eventually she and her faithful doe Ruth were captured in an ambush and brought as prisoners to the imperial court.


Dr Zuctionkopf

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Dr Zuctionkopf

Dr Zuctionkopf’s resides in his aquatic laboratory Charybdis. Powered by an elaborate construction of 18964 electrical eels connected in series, Charybdis patrols the seabeds of the planet Tiefzealot. Occasional trespassers are greeted with torpedoes of suicidal sea sloths equipped with heavy explosives.

An insane genius some would say, while others would settle for just plain insane. Dr Zuctionkopf’s experiments are so twisted and unethical that even The Intergalactic Society of Evil Scientists withdrew his membership. ‘He who laughs last laughs best’ chuckled Dr Zuctionkopf and fired his newly built Death ray machine, striking his slanderers into smithereens.

Dr Zuctionkopf’s main occupation involves conducting various bizarre experiments, and plotting schemes on world domination. Apart from that he likes to cuddle with his giant cuttlefish Kučulu.

Första karaktären till den kommande The Intergalactic Gladiatorial Race-exapansionen!!

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Mandy PrayerMandy Prayer

Prayer is a bloodthirsty bounty hunter, trained in the art of murder at the Cutthroat Academy of Assassins & Callous Killers. After her graduation she started working as personal enforcer for the leader of an influential criminal syndicate. Problems in personal chemistry soon caused him to relieve Prayer of her duties. That however caused her to relieve him of the weight of his head. After that she became freelance.

In the hands of Prayer, practically anything could be a tool for murder. It’s not oral hygiene that comes into Prayer’s mind when she sees dental floss, but rather something you could strangle your enemies with. And marmalade is not just a bread spread but something that can advantageously be laced with cyanide. Deadliest of all her weapons, however, is her utter uncomprehendence to the concept of empathy. Her only emotion that could be compared to love is what she feels for her companion in crime, her 90 kg praying mantis Zlasher.

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