Kulturernas karneval i helgen

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Jag fick just veta att jag kommer ha bord på på kulturernas karneval nu i helgen, tillsammans med Olov Redmalm och Mirelle Eriksson. Ni som inte kunde komma till Stockholms internationella seriefestival den gångna helgen får nu en ny chans att komma och shoppa affischer vykort, samlarbilder, fanzine och framförallt spelet The Intergalactic Gladiatorial Race.

Ses i Botaniska trädgården!


Betraktelser från Stockholms internationella seriefestival 2014

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Nu är Stockholms internationella seriefestival över för i år. Jag träffade mycket roligt folk, både gamla klassiker och nya, och jag fick dessutom en hel del sålt. Mycket lyckat helt enkelt.. Längtar redan till nästa 🙂

Äntligen redo!

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Till helgen är det dags för Stockholms interationella seriefestival på Kulturhuset och lagom till den har jag blivit klar med mitt senaste projekt, brädspelet The Intergalactic Gladiatorial Race. Jag och ett gäng andra fantastiska tecknare kommer ha bord inne i det stora rummet. Kom dit och hälsa på om du råkar vara i närheten och köp dig ett ex.

Bianka Meshuggovic

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The planetesimal Ablazyx is located somewhere in the outskirts of the Pandemonium galaxy. It is shrouded in a layer of stifling ash, so thick that not even a faint ray of light has reached its surface for centuries. Along the ridge of one of Ablazyx’ most deadly volcanoes, from whose crater toxic gases incessantly is being spewed, resides the feared Meshuggovic clan. Bianka was the oldest of the clan chieftain’s daughters. She was his favorite until she had him fed to her pet scorpion Melker.

Her cold blood and hot temper makes her a lethal adversary, and her ruthlessness makes her unstoppable. She hates this kind of contests where there are no rules. No rules means that there are none to break!

Tom Belle Weed

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Sheriff Thomas John Arthur Belle Weed proudly and persistently ensures the safety of the inhabitants of Yobwoc’s moon Vaqueron. The inhabitants aren’t many, (they can easily be counted even on a slightly maimed set of fingers) and they are steadily declining, but they are under constant threat by a group of rowdy thugs (who can be counted even on a more severely maimed set of fingers). Belle Weed spends most of his time fearlessly riding around on the steppes on his faithful and equally fearless pony Brett, tracking those thugs, hoping one day to put them behind bars once and for all.

If Belle Weed hadn’t been abducted by the empress’ minions and taken to participate in the Intergalactic Gladiatorial Race, the clattering of Brett’s hooves would still have echoed over the endless plains of Vaqueron. Belle Weed needs to win the games in order to return to Vaqueron and restore it’s tranquility.

Muridiana Ryder

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Muridiana Ryder is a well-known adventurer and actress, starring in several classical ice climber movies. She has fan clubs on every inhabited planet within a light years radius from the Debrizion nebula. Her breakthrough came with the movie “Taming the untamable, in which she managed to turn a ferocious Octopodorattus rex fairly pacified. Ryder and the beast, whom she named Linda, have been inseparable ever since. Together they have made the blockbuster movie “Bareback on a ten ton rabid rodent”, that stunned both audience and critics.

When Ryder’s reputation finally reached all the way into the empress’ court, she was immediately nominated as a candidate for the Intergalactic Gladiatorial Race.


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Timothy was born on the planet Cathurnus. As a baby her father traded her for half a bottle of scotch to a wandering drunk salesman. After a few days the salesman ran out of booze, sobered up, and realized that he had no need for a baby. Timothy was therefore left along the trail for the crows to feast upon. Her story could have ended there, but the birds had merely had time to peck out her right eye when a flock of Pantherine cats came to her rescue. She was immediately adopted by the alpha female Felina and came to be raised as a wildcat.

Always on the hunt. Moving without a sound… Then! Dashing towards the prey, a rapid leap into the air and a perfectly targeted bite to the throat and then… instant death.

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