Renata Rushmore

April 28, 2014 § Leave a comment


Rushmore was working at the ostrich stables on Poultrion, where battle-birds were bred for the imperial army. While cleaning the boxes, she used to dream about riding on her favorite ostrich Scamper over the plains of Poultrion towards the setting suns in the horizon at death-defying speed. But one day empress Napoleia issued a decree that all the ostriches were to be sent away to be made into pâté. Ostriches were deemed obsolete in the new forms of warfare. Rushmore was devastated. She opened up all the boxes, and riding on Scamper, she fled together with the other ostriches out onto the plains of Poultrion. It took the imperial police several days to catch up with and capture her. A unanimous jury sentenced her and Scamper to be fed to carnivorous, mutant urchins. But just as the sentence was about to be carried out, they were pardoned. The rumors about Rushmore’s spectacular escape had reached Napoleia, who saw a better use for her.


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