Renata Rushmore

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Rushmore was working at the ostrich stables on Poultrion, where battle-birds were bred for the imperial army. While cleaning the boxes, she used to dream about riding on her favorite ostrich Scamper over the plains of Poultrion towards the setting suns in the horizon at death-defying speed. But one day empress Napoleia issued a decree that all the ostriches were to be sent away to be made into pâté. Ostriches were deemed obsolete in the new forms of warfare. Rushmore was devastated. She opened up all the boxes, and riding on Scamper, she fled together with the other ostriches out onto the plains of Poultrion. It took the imperial police several days to catch up with and capture her. A unanimous jury sentenced her and Scamper to be fed to carnivorous, mutant urchins. But just as the sentence was about to be carried out, they were pardoned. The rumors about Rushmore’s spectacular escape had reached Napoleia, who saw a better use for her.


Thoralf Hawrding

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Barborion is a barren planet in the peripheral parts of the universe, inhabited by an exceptionally savage warrior-people, the dreaded Vikons. For centuries they have spread fear throughout the neighboring solar systems. The most horrifying of all Vikons is called Thoralf Hawrding. To ravage is a way of life for Hawrding, and pillage, comes to him, as natural as breathing. His most pleasurable pursuit is to melt down the spoils that he has plundered, curiously watching as the priceless treasures of immense cultural value and historical importance, once crafted with infinite finesse, turn into shapeless lumps.

When you hear a rumbling thunder and the ground starts to shake, you better hope it’s just an earthquake. Because if it isn’t, chances are it is Thoralf Hawrding, born on his Oblongosaurus Brunhilde, galumphing your way.


Empress Napoleia

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The Intergalactic Gladiatorial Race was instituted by empress Napoleia to celebrate the 168th year anniversary of the obliteration of the Archanidions on Tarantellus, the last remaining power in position to threaten the empire’s path to universal autocracy. Napoleia sent out her underlings to bring her the best and the bravest riders from all the six galaxies under imperial control to participate, willingly or not, in a race that will come to be remembered for eons to come.

The race takes place in six different dimensions and will be broadcasted live throughout the known parts of the universe. The contestants will have to navigate carefully to avoid hazardous obstacles as well as bloodthirsty rivaling contestants. All of the six contestants know that in order for any of them to win the other five will have to go, while eternal glory awaits the winner. Losing of course means instant death. But not only that… To make things more thrilling, Napoleia has arranged for the losing contestant’s home planets to be vaporized with a hyper-plasmic beam, and for the other inhabitants of their solar system to be sold as slaves.

Let the games begin!

Nytt projekt in the making

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Idag kan jag stolt presentera det projekt jag håller på med just nu. The Intergalactic Gladiatorial Race heter det och är ett brädspel. Ännu är det mycket som inte är klart, men jag hoppas ändå på att kunna hinna färdigställa det lagom till Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival (17-18 maj).
Spelet är enkelt, man fattar poängen på ca 30 sekunder. I grova drag går det ut på att ta sig fram så snabbt som möjligt utan att dö en våldsam död. Bakgrundshistorian och lite mer art work från spelet kommer att postas här på bloggen de kommande veckorna och sen i maj kommer det som sagt att finnas till försäljning på SIS.


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