Kalle On Fire

July 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

This picture has quite a strange story behind it. As I was sitting in my studio drawing I suddenly felt the smell of smoke. The windows were open so I first thought the smoke came from somewhere outside. But pretty soon I realized that the smell was more intense inside than outside. I went out into the kitchen, that was by now filled with smoke, looking for the fire. Finally I found the fire on the outside of the house, and before the firemen got there I had already killed the fire. Someone had kicked a hole in the wall and thrown in a bottle of  lighter fluid, wrapped in paper that they had set on fire.

Later, when the cops investigate the crimescene I went in and looked at what I had been drawing. It was scary to see this prophetic picture. For those of you who do not know me, I look sort of simular to that guy on the picture.

The fire was labeled arson, but the police didn’t feel like following it up.

§ One Response to Kalle On Fire

  • Efraim says:

    Tur att inte polisen kollade på ditt ritbord, hade varit svårt att förklara.

    “Serietecknare dömd för försök till självmordbrand”

    Men seriöst, det är otäckt ändå att nån försöker sätta eld på huset! Finns sjuka typer där ute så det är tur att vi har vardagshjältar som dig Kalle!

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